Clear Printable Raspberry Pi Case

Does your Raspberry Pi need a case? Mine too. I’ve looked at a few options and intend to make a selection. However, my first attempt may well be my favourite. Behold the ‘Raspberry Pi Fold-Up Case’ (name needs work, I think). This is the brainchild of the enigmatically named ‘H2 Database’ and is a printable case. Want one? First download and print out the design onto some normal white paper. Now get a really thick sheet of acetate (OHP paper), the one I used felt about 300-350gsm. Tape the two together the corners so they don’t slip and carefully follow the cut and fold lines with a craft knife. Best of all, there’s no glue required with this case.

Once done, the case folds inwards and the best way to mount the Pi into it is start by folding back the flap that hooks onto the header by the GPIO. This anchors the case into place. It’s a bit fiddly to get it in position but you are rewarded with a solid-feeling and tight-fitting case that protects yet displays your Pi.

My attempt is above, what does yours look like?

Get The Case Template:

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