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Magazine cover for The MagPi Issue 141
The MagPi Issue 141

26 Apr 2024

In the latest MagPi - Issue #141 - I have a chat with Oscar Vermeulen who has just launched his PiDP-10 kit, the latest in a series of Raspberry Pi-based DEC computer recreations. This is his most ...


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Magazine cover for The MagPi Issue 140
The MagPi Issue 140

15 Apr 2024

The latest version of The MagPi is now available in all good booksellers (and probably some bad ones too). In this issue I cover the basics of learning to code. This can often be a intimidating pro...


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Underside of the Argon ONE NVMe Case
Raspberry Pi and NVMe SSD Not Working?

13 Mar 2024

With the arrival of Raspberry Pi 5 it's a brave new world for my favourite little computer. The new shiny PCI-Express header allows super-duper-fast peripherals to bypass the bottleneck that is USB...


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Magazine cover for The MagPi Issue 139
The MagPi Issue 139

29 Feb 2024

The MagPi issue 139 is now available, specially release to coincide with Raspberry Pi's third birthday. (That's right, third, Raspberry Pi is a leap-year baby!) I've been busy in this one. Firstly ...


TV news image showing the superbowl security centre - and their wifi password Much secure very secrets 16 Feb 2024

Yes. Very secure. Well done you.

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A shelf showing copies of Retro Gaming for Raspberry Pi and The MagPi
Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi 3rd Edition

12 Feb 2024

Just out is the third edition of Retro Gaming With Raspberry Pi. This 170+ page tome tell you everything you need to know about bringing the old games back to life. There's so much more than 'downl...

RaspberryPi retro

Unisex toilet sign reading 'Whatever, just wash your hands' Whatever 09 Feb 2024

Spotted at Smokeworks in Cambridge, UK

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A very big reel
What's The (Decimal) Point?

05 Feb 2024

A cautionary tale of a bug that wasn’t (yet was) I’m currently working with a team helping an industrial textile manufacturer based in Lyon, France. Part of the job is working with a CSV file (isn’...