The engineers aboard the good ship Pimoroni have come up with yet another add-on to keep your Raspberry Pi busy as a long hot summer (hopefully) approaches. Pre-orders are now being taken for Enviro+, an upgrade to their existing Enviro HAT range. £45 gets you a wide range of sensors measuring temperature, pressure, humidity, light, gas particles and sound coupled with an on-board 0.96" colour LCD screen. All of this on a Raspberry Pi Zero-sized pHAT form factor. If you are interested in pollutants Pimoroni are also offering an optional particle matter sensor; a matchbox-sized air quality monitor that connects directly to the Enviro+. This £25 upgrade adds the capability to measure particulates “from sources like smoke, dust, pollen, metal and organic particles”.

Measuring the environment around you is a fascinating data-gathering exercise, but what should you do with the data generated? Pimoroni have provided tutorials and scripts so citizen scientists and eco-warriors can upload their findings to, a site that aggregates data from air-quality monitors to produce a live map of the world. As the name suggests, it mainly covers Germany but new information nodes are spreading across the rest of Europe.

It remains to be seen what the power requirements are for the Enviro+ but the capabilities coupled with diminutive size make for intriguing possibilities such as remote monitoring projects using LoRa or even high-altitude ballooning. The educational potential for the board will surely make it popular in schools, inspiring projects with applications in computer science, biology, chemistry and geography.

The Enviro+ and particle sensor are now available to pre-order at and are expected to ship in early July.