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Coeliac Disease

In 2008, my wife was diagnosed with Coeliacs (aka Celiacs) disease; a condition that prohibits wheat, rye, barley and oats from your diet (i.e. anything containing gluten). This was not a quick process. In fact diagnosis was a complete accident. My wife and son had both been suffering from digestive problems and the doctor decided to do a few tests for common ailments. At the last minute she chose to include my wife in these tests and added coeliacs disease to the list. Sure enough, two weeks later we got the news. Looking back, this explained nearly ten years of digestive problems and illness.

These days she’s doing much better and bone density, B-12 and calcium levels are constantly monitored. However, we remember what it was like in the early days and it was SCARY.

Rather an information resource on a gluten-free diet, as there are plenty out there already, it’s a photographic memory of our meals and tips to prove that coeliac disease isn’t the end of the world and certainly not the end of a fun and interesting diet. A coeliac can eat plenty of great food and the situation is getting better and better.

If you’re newly diagnosed it may seem like the world just caved in on you. Actually it did, a little bit, but the good news is that you’re about to feel a whole lot better just by following the rules and there’s a lot of good food waiting for you

PJ & Trish

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