Kids at GOSH down to 2 DS Games – Can you help?


Hi all, I’ve been contacted by a friend whose sister is a nurse at Great Ormand Street Children’s Hospital. Their ward has a DS and a 3DS with a grand total of three carts, one for the DS and two for the 3DS.

Except the DS game has been lost, leaving just two to play with.

My friend was wondering if anyone out there had any old games they didn’t want anyone (or collectors with duplicates) who may like to donate them to some kids who may well to be spending Christmas in hospital this year. Maybe a round or two of Mario Cart will take their mind off their problems for a bit.

To ensure any donations are handled correctly, I’ve been ask to post a link to the official page for donations (attached below). The ward in question is ‘Dinosaur Ward’.

So, I’m off to have a dig through some old games. If you could do the same I’m sure you’ll be bringing a smile to somebody’s face.

If you could take the time to share this with anyone you think may be able to help, that would be brilliant.

All the best,



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