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Masterchef Weekend

We decided to challenge ourselves to a ‘Masterchef’ Saturday and cook a three-course meal. I took the main course, my GF wife the starter and my son the dessert.

Mrs Evans produced a great homemade GF pasta, run through a pasta machine (bit flakier than regular pasta, so we had to be extra careful) and made some spinach and ricotta ravioli.

Next up I tried to give us a coronaries with a confit of duck with potato dauphinoise.

The winner, however, was our 10-year-old son who hand made an amazing, rich GF brownie served with clotted cream and strawberries.

A banquet worthy of any decent restaurant and not a speck of gluten in site. These were all regular recipes substituted with GF ingredients when needed. All you need to bear in mind is that GF flour tends to be more absorbent so you need a little more than the regular recipe suggests.


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