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Nandos, Xscape, Milton Keynes


Chicken! Spicy Chicken! Nando’s has made a name for itself as the middle-class KFC. Counter service kinda meets table service with a cheap(ish) minimal menu focussed around it’s peri-peri chicken. If you’re a veggie, don’t like chicken or don’t like spice, please go no further. For the rest of you, the good news is that Nando’s classic quarter and half chicken meals are gluten-free. They have dedicated friers for their fries and you can enjoy coleslaw or sweetcorn on the side.

We like Nando’s for one very simple reason; they’re all over the place. Whenever we’re off to anywhere new and need to have that ‘banker’ restaurant in mind (every coeliac will know what I mean by that), we check for Nando’s first. Pretty much every city in the UK has at least one. The quality of the food is actually pretty good, espcially if you like things with a kick. Little coeliacs can have chicken wings and sweetcorn, which are great finger-foods.

Every Nando’s has a nutrition guide available for you so you double-check your facts before ordering (and *always* double-check). We’ve eaten at this particular one more times than I care to remember. The staff have always been great and listened to our requests partiently. Although the options are limited (and hey, they are for everyone!) it’s always handy to know that chicken and chips are available at short notice. Food 4/5 Gluten-Free Suitablity 4/5

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