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A Visit to Bletchley Park Archives

The social media group ‘Station X’ (@stationx on Twitter) met at Bletchley Park today. I tagged along and was treated to a look around the archives. Highlights included:

– Meeting George The Robot (viewers of Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention will know who this is)

– A look at the newly-opened Dairy in the mansion (a photo of the roof is above)

– Actually touching decrypts and index cards from the codebreaking operations. Up close and personal with real history.

One double-agent, known as ‘Fritz’ was instructed to always send a series a Fs in each message back to the UK. If the Fs were not present, it was an indicator that the agent had been captured and was being asked to send false information. One such message came through. The next day another message was sent apologising for not sending the FFFFFs. The reason? Have a close up look at the photos of text above for the answer.


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