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Category: Vintage Tech

Composite Modding the Atari 2600

Buoyed on by my successful project to add a composite video output to a 1976 Pong game, I decided to move to my next target, the Atari 2600. Now, this little beauty needs no introduction, a classic console if ever there was one. Like many of its time, RF output was your only option and the (very long) cable came pre-connected.

Breathing New (Composite) Life Into a Binatone Pong Console

Pong! What more could a young child want in 1978? Despite my formative years, I was already hooked on my friend’s magic-filled box of delights he described as a ‘TV Game’ (for ‘console’ was a word of the future). We would Pong, Pong and Pong some more. Then, in a rare moment of wish-fulfilment for a working-class lad from Liverpool, Santa brought me my very own TV Game, a Binatone no less!

Anyone for Tennis?


On to happier things. As I attempt to ‘replace’ all the computers I’ve owned over the years, I’ve now got hold of the very first device I could ever really call a ‘computer’ of any sort; secured for 99p from eBay and currently being cleaned up. But what is it? A sense of well-being and my best wishes to anyone who knows the answer.

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