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Category: Bletchley Park

New TGI Friday’s Pays Tribute To Bletchley Park

Bletchley has just become home to a new Odeon multiplex next to MK Stadium. Although the cinema isn’t opening until the end of February, the attached restaurants are already doing a roaring trade, including Milton Keynes’ second TGI Friday’s. Being a lover of all things burger, I was keen to visit.

The Imitation Game: Fact and Fiction

Last weekend saw the release of ‘The Imitation Game’ in which Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightley star as Alan Turing and Joan Clarke, codebreakers that helped change the course of the Second World War. Amongst an ensemble cast, the story of Turing is told in three parts; his school days, Bletchley Park and his final, desperate years in Manchester.

GCHQ, Bletchley Park and ‘Hollywood Myths’

In a rare public speech given to mark Turing’s centenary, the current head of GCHQ, Iain Lobban, expressed regret at the way Turing was treated after the war whilst praising his achievements and calling out to Universities and other educational institutes that we must “find the next Turings”. This was…