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A (Very) Little Bit of TV

Lets face it, today’s tellys are huge. As we all crave simpler times, away from the constant noise of social media and email, why not downsize to something a little more, err, personal?

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This is Sinclair Microvision MTV1B – Clive Sinclair’s second attempt at a portable television. Released in 1978, it was the smallest television in the world. A teeny-tiny 2″ CRT powered by 4 x AA (or a 9V) with contrast ratios that could be measured in single figures.

This one is in lovely condition and fully working. The seller had used it to keep him company on fishing trips right up the analogue switch-off. Although the aerial is now useless, it does have an external hook-up so I could get the Speccy connected. Surprisingly I was able to get though a level or two of Manic Miner quite happily.

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  1. His second attempt? It is a long time since I parted with my Microvision TV but that form factor was the first production version. (Possible minor cosmetic changes excepted.) The more commonly shown flat screen (90 degree CRT) definitely came later.
    When not watching it in bed or at the launderette I used to love taking the cover off and watching the picture from the neck end of the tube 🙂

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