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“Britain’s Best Kept Secret”

Look what I came across when hunting through some old paperwork last weekend. My first ever visit to Bletchley Park, 1995, shortly after seeing the Channel 4 series Station X.

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  • The entrance was on Wilton Avenue
  • Tony Sale toured us around the site
  • The Churchill Collection was in the atrium of the Mansion
  • You could use an Enigma machine! It was bolted to a table in Block H.
  • The Bombe rebuild was just a metal frame
  • The National Museum of Computing was in its very early days – I remember playing with piles of computers in what is now the ‘Large Systems Room’


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  1. I was 15 years old then, and deeply in love with my Amiga 500 computer.

    You noted that you were able to use an Enigma machine at that time. Is this not the case anymore?

    • PJ PJ

      That’s right. After a very rare model was stolen in 2000 (and eventually recovered) it was realised that that these machines needed to be more carefully looked after. You can see Enigma machines demonstrated at Bletchley Park but public handling is no longer permitted. It’s a shame but I can see why as they’re getting more and more valuable and fragile with each passing year.

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