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Turing Monopoly

If you’ve not heard, a special ‘Turing Monopoly’ has been released to celebrate his centenary and you still have a chance to bag this edition of the famous property trading game. What makes the Turing edition so special is the inclusion of  a replica of the hand-made board used by Max Newman and Alan Turing when at Bletchley Park. Turing was so good at Monopoly that Newman added in a diagonal line at make the game trickier. As well as the traditional board, a facsimile of the ‘Turing’ board is included with the rules as written down by Newman’s son. The original board was only discovered in 2011 by the Newman family and is now proudly displayed at Bletchley Park.

2000 of the Monopoly sets have been published, 1000 of which were immediately snapped up by Google, making the publicly-available sets even rarer. The property names are all from Turing’s history and the money features his famous passport photo. The few remaining sets can be purchased only from Bletchley Park for £29.99 plus postage.


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