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Enigma-E Build

The Enigma-E is an electronic analogue for the M3 and M4 Naval Enigma machines. It’s a remarkable project developed by Paul Reuvers and Marc Simons of Crypto Museum. For you money you get a beautifully constructed PCB, all the components and a superb manual that walks you through the construction process. Seriously, it’s been a long time since if had such pleasure following a long set of instructions. The kit comes as just the naked PCB and components but you can buy boxes as well (as I did) to give it that real Enigma feel. Power is via an external supply or 9V battery.

Construction took me a couple of weeks, here and there, and was reasonably straightforward, the only heart-stopping moment being the separation of the plugboard and main board (went well, phew). A few mods to the box later and I had my own Enigma machine, which I intend to use on tours around Bletchley Park. For an added bonus, the Enigma E comes with a simple RS232 interface. From this you can receive the stream of encyphered text from the Enigma-E. The final photo shows a successful hook-up to my MacBook. This gave me an idea but that’s another post. 🙂

I thought anyone considering buying one of these may like to see how construction goes, so here’s a photo library of the build.

Enigma-E kits are sold exclusively through Bletchley Park and Museum Jan Cover. For more information have a look at Crypto Museum.


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  1. Fiona Mallin Fiona Mallin

    Thank you for posting this information. I am taking my daughter to Bletchley Park as she wants to build her own Enigma machine for a school project. I think that we will be able to have a reasonable attempt at it!

      • Fiona Mallin Fiona Mallin

        No I haven’t looked at Pringles can Enigma. I think the Enigma E will be more than enough trouble! Anyway, I have unpacked it all and everything seems to be in order. Soldering iron at the ready. Here we go !

  2. Robert Berwick Robert Berwick

    Fabulous! I just put one if these together and I got the box also. So I had a question: how did you attach the old typewriter key tops? I’ve got a batch of those too, to make it more authentic, but didn’t know the proper glue to use. So I thought I’d ask someone skilled like yourself. Thanks for any tips! Cheers, Bob

    • PJ PJ

      Hi Bob, the keys came as a set of stickers with the kit, so no real ‘skill’ needed. 🙂

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