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Gluten-Free Pizza at all UK Pizza Huts

Yes, you read that correctly. Pizza Hut, in association with Coeliac UK, have introduced a gluten-free pizza base onto their menus. It’s not even a special thing, it’s right there, printed on the menu. They have, very wisely, marked items as ‘Contains No Gluten Ingredients’. This is a nice way of saying that cross-contamination is always a risk in a restaurant.

You’ve even got a starter to enjoy; the cheesy nachos!

And you can follow this up with a 9-inch square thin-crust GF base (clever, no way of getting that mixed up!) with any toppings. Yes, all toppings are gluten-free, so no pizza combinations are out-of-bounds. Sadly no desserts, but my guinea-pig wife was adamant that this was no problem, as she was as stuffed as a stuffed crust. The verdict? Delicious. A very thin crust, nice and crispy at the edges and with no compromise required for the toppings, it was lovely. Being 9″ square as opposed to round, you get quite a lot too.

Pizza Hut have stated that  GF pizzas are prepared in a dedicated area, with dedicated utensils and ingredient bins the cooked in a reserved part of the oven by trained staff. Well played, Pizza Hut, well played.

The impact of this is probably larger than you may think. Pizza Hut have over 600 branches across the UK and they are all sticking the new base. That’s a great relief to coeliacs who find themselves travelling or asked out to dinner with friends. I think my wife summed it up best: “I feel so normal!”

Quick tip: Sign up for newsletters on Pizza Hut’s site and you’ll get a £5 voucher off main meals for everyone in your party.


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