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Inside The Bletchley Circle

Thursday 6th September 9pm sees the premiere of ‘The Bletchley Circle’ on ITV. This four-part fictional drama tells the story of three women who worked as code-breakers at Bletchley Park during the second world war. Now in 1951, they find themselves back together to solve a string of murders using the skills they acquired during wartime.

The opening episode features footage shot at Bletchley Park during the summer, mainly around Hut 11, home of Bletchley’s Bombe. Today, the series’s writer, Guy Burt, released these candid shots of the Park filming.

If you would like the chance to meet the real people who worked at Bletchley Park, there is no better opportunity than this Sunday’s Enigma Reunion (2nd September) . I’m really pleased to be touring this year. It’s always a magical day.


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