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New Tesco GF Ready-Meals

A surprise addition to the shelves in Tesco this week; new gluten-free ready-meals under the Tesco ‘Free From’ branding. We were so eager to try them we didn’t even take a photo. Oops.

We tried three meals. Here are the verdicts:

Beef Lasagne

Yes, it’s a ready meal and yes, it’s a GF ready-meal. So, it’s going to taste awful right? Nope. It’s tastes exactly like a lasagne ready-meal, no more, no less. Remember, it’s my wife who has Coeliac disease, not me, so I do occasionally find myself eating ‘regular’ food and I can assure you this was absolutely fine. It’s a decent portion for one (or two with some GF garlic bread) and priced around £2.50. 4/5

Beef Stew and Dumplings

Again, only read-meal quality yet indistinguishable from a ‘gluten’ version. Very impressive with nice dumplings, albeit they have the give-away rice flavour. The stew itself was lovely. £2.50 4/5


A cheese and tomato pizza from the frozen section. Horrible aftertaste from the base and plastic all round. The DS frozen pizza is much better. 2/5

Still, two out of three ain’t bad and a hat-tip to Tesco for innovating in this field. The two beef meals can be frozen and cooked from frozen, so these are great long-term meals for lunchtime emergencies. These can be found in the regular chiller cabinets in Tesco, not in the Free-From section.


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