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Out Of Hibernation

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sadly the end of 2011 and the start of 2012 didn’t go exactly to plan at Evans Towers and family matters took presadent over everything else, Bletchley Park included. However, I’m happy to report that thing are back on track and I’m able to bring my self out of involuntary hibernation as the skies brighten and scarfs are consigned to the wardrobe for another season. That’s not to say I’ve been ignoring all things codebreaky – far from it – mainly just the blog. I was also forced to cancel some of my tours so this is a chance to say a public thank-you to the guides who stood in for me. Anyway, enough bleating.

As you’re probably aware, the big change over the winter has been the appointment of Iain Standen at CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust. He relieves Simon Greenish, who has done an amazing job of turning the park around and placing it on a firm footing for the future. His crowning achievement was the securing of a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund for over £4m (but only once we’ve matched 50% of it with our own fundraising efforts – here’s how you can help). Simon will be much missed but we welcome Iain who appears to have hit the ground running. Literally. One of his first actions was to enter the Milton Keynes Marathon as part of Team Turing. If that’s not making an impression I don’t know what is.

We find ourselves on the cusp of spring, which is an exciting time at BP. First of all, spring for us starts March 1st with our extended opening hours. The park is now open from 9.30am until 5pm every day. Always check the Bletchley Park website for last minutes changes before travelling.

Parish Notices

Over at The National Museum of Computing, Colossus’ home is getting a much-needed refurbishment and so is closed to the public until 5th March, still at time of writing that’s only a few days away and will only affect this weekend.

Bletchley Park’s ‘The Life and Works of Alan Turing’ exhibition has been nominated in the long-list for The Art Fund Prize 2012. This is an opportunity to win a much-needed £100,000 and there’s still time for you to vote and say why Bletchley Park is deserving of the prize.

Finally the Radio Society of Great Britain has a wonderful exhibition newly opened to the public. It’s included in your general admission and open at weekends in the RSGB hut. Don’t miss it.

The next big event is, of course, Easter. The annual Eggstravaganza is on April 9th. Lots of family fun during a very kid-friendly weekend. Also, don’t miss Family Fun Wednesday on the 4th, including code breaking challenges and special kid’s tours of the park.

Previous visitors to this site may notice a lick of paint here too. I’m hoping to start uploading short videos and audios when I’m on site. My next tour is scheduled for Saturday 10th March and frankly I can’t wait to get back to it, having only managed to get one tour in last month.

Apart from tours, there are a few more secret little projects in the offing that I hope to be able to talk about here very, very soon.


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