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BBC’s ‘Code-Breakers’ To Broadcast Next Tuesday


Finally, it looks like one of Bletchley Park’s greatest heroes is going to get the attention he has so long been denied. Bill Tutte’s unraveling of the inner-workings of the Lorenz machine, which neither he nor his fellow workers had ever seen, was one of the greatest intellectual achievements of that period. So secretive was the work that still to this day, Tutte is denied the same level of recognition that many of his peers enjoyed. Hopefully this will now start to change.

This truly remarkable story has been captured for the first time in a new film by the BBC: “Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park’s Lost Heroes”. The film is scheduled to be broadcast next Tuesday (25th October) at 9pm on BBC 2. Don’t miss it.

Of course, if you’ve never seen the remarkable machines that Tutte helped design, pay Bletchley Park a visit and make a beeline for the Tunny and Colossus Gallery at The National Museum of Computing.

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