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70 Years Ago Today


© Photo copyright Paul Shreeve and licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Licence.

Not an insignificant date this. On the 6th September 1941, Winston Churchill visited Bletchley Park. After a series of meetings, he stood on a boulder believed to be outside Hut 2 and addressed a group codebreakers and staff, congratulating them on their work. It was this visit, in particular Churchill’s enthusiasm for the operation, that encouraged Alan Turing, Gordon Welchman and Edward Travis to directly write to him in October expressing their need for resources to expand operations. Churchill’s reply to this memo was titled ‘Action This Day’ and saw Bletchley Park expand rapidly, making projects like Turing’s Bombe and, later on, Colossus, a reality.

Today, ‘Churchill’s Stone’, a memorial of that visit, stands directly opposite the entrance to the Mansion.

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