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Google Garden Party

Very exciting. Today (this evening to be precise) Google are hosting a garden party at Bletchley Park. The reasons are many. Firstly, it’s a great opportunity for the hardworking people who support the park to thank Google folk in person for their generous contribution that helped secure the Turing Papers. On that point, it’s the official launch of our new B Block museum layout which includes said papers in their lovely new display cabinets and some great signage, funding for which was supported by Jason Gorman. We can also show off our new memorial, a sculpture by Chris Guerry depicting the different facets of the GCCS operation and how they depended upon each other. Of course, money has to play a part as well, so we’re hoping to raise funds from various activities including an auction, to raise money for the C Block project. C Block is intended to become the new ‘welcome centre’ for the park which will give us and visitors much-needed extra space as well as securing another part of the Park which currently lies derelict.

For me, it’s a great opportunity to meet and chat with some of the original heroes of the Park and also the latter-day heroes who work so hard to keep this national treasure safe and in the public eye where it belongs. There looks to be a wide range of guests. I’m actually pretty psyched to meet some of the younger guests who have been at Young Rewired State this week, learning that coding is not only a challenge, discipline and (imho) and art-form, but also darn good fun as well.

I’m giving a 30-minute tour near the start of proceedings. It’s going to be a challenge to get through the story of Enigma & GCCS in such a short time (The Tunny story is going to be separate tour by The National Museum of Computing) but I’m up for it and hope to whet the appetite of those who may have never visited Bletchley Park before. I’ll hopefully update with some pictures later this evening.

Rain? What rain? I see no rain.

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