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The Queen Visits Bletchley Park Today

Very exciting. Today The Queen visits Bletchley Park, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, to unveil the Codebreaker’s Memorial.

It’s made the front page of BBC News!

My family and I are going to be in attendance, so I’ll try and upload some pics later.

P.S. The park is closed to the public this morning.

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  1. Jerry Roberts Jerry Roberts

    Dear Mr Evans, It was a pleasure to meet you on 15th – and on such a wonderful day! We certainly enjoyed meeting the Queen and seeing the memorial being unveiled. We’re glad to see Bletchley Park receiving the recognition it so deserves, thanks to all your hard work at Bletchley Park and other volunteers. It is also another valuable step forwards our campaign to secure better recognition for the cryptographers on breaking Tunny at Bletchley Park during the WW2.Have a look the BBC news link: breaking of TUNNY has not been mentioned in the news bulletin, only that of ENIGMA. In this news, there were a couple of terrible errors:- 1. The machine they showed in clip was the Bombe, not Colossus. 2. Colossus was used only for helping in breaking Tunny, never Enigma.There were two major cipher-systems worked on at Bletchley Park during the Second World War – Enigma and Tunny. Tunny decrypts made many vital contributions to winning the War. Tens of thousands of Tunny messages were intercepted by the British and broken at Bletchley Park by the cryptographers (linguists) in the Testery. These messages supplied much vital insight into top-level German thinking and planning. They provided information that changed the course of the war in Europe and saved countless lives at critical junctures – such as the Battle of Kursk in Russia, and the D-Day invasion of Europe. Not a word.The story of Enigma is well known, declassified in the 1970s, but Tunny (or as the Germans called it the Lorenz 40/42), Germany’s most secret cipher machine. Tunny has not so far been the subject of a television documentary. The details of Tunny, and of the incredible codebreaking operation were kept, under the government, secret for so long; until the 21st century. Sadly, most of the Testery cryptographers and many others had died before they could make their knowledge public. Tutte, Tunny and Testery’s (3T’s) achievements are largely unrecognized.Enigma decrypts were certainly very important and helped Britain not to lose the War during 1941. It was used for smaller units, but in all 3 services, Army, Navy and Air Force, e.g. for individual U-boats, flying squadrons, Army divisions and smaller sub-units.Tunny used 12 wheels, was a most advanced, complex system, faster and far more secure than the well-known 3-wheel Enigma. The Germans thought it was totally unbreakable. As a result, they entrusted their most important Army communications not to Enigma but to Tunny. The Tunny system was broken by Bill Tutte in Spring 1942. I worked for a time in the same office when Bill Tutte was breaking the Tunny system and saw his endless patience and persistence for nearly 3 months.Unlike Enigma, Tunny was the top cipher-system which carried only the highest grade of intelligence: messages between German Army H.Q in Berlin and High Command to the top Generals and Fieldmarshals on all the battle fronts. They included such as Keitel (head of the German Army), von Jodl (Chief of Staff), von Runstedt (Western front), Kesselring (Italy), von Weichs (Russian front) and many others. A number of the messages were signed by Hitler himself. The messages reviewed the planning, thinking and decisions of top brass in the German Army.Enigma decrypts helped Britain not to lose the War in 1941. Tunny decrypts helped shorten the European War by at least 2 years.There should be a major piece about Bill Tutte. Gen. Eisenhower (later U.S President) said after the War “Bletchley decrypts shortened the War by at least 2 years”. Tunny decrypts played a major part in all this, a war which was costing some 10 million lives a year. A great deal of this was down to Tutte. One commentator has called Tutte’s achievement “The outstanding mental feat of the last century”. If the D-Day landing had failed, it could have needed at least 2 years to prepare for another major assault.However, if Bill Tutte had not broken the Tunny system, if the breaking of Tunny messages had not been so vital, there would have been no need for a Colossus at that time. Colossus was built for one purpose only – to help on the breaking of Tunny.Tunny is an important missing piece of history. I am happy to do anything to help gain better recognition of Tunny. There is a lot to the story of the breaking of Tunny and I would be glad to take it further if any of your colleagues is interested.For the campaign and for this recognition, I have given many talks and taken many other initiatives, but progress has been slow. One of these talks was at UCL on 11th March 2009. If you are interested, it lasts 1 hour. Click on UCL picture, you will have the talk: am 90 now; I am the last survivor of the 9 cryptographers who worked on Tunny. For the last three years, I have been working hard to raise public awareness of the important work carried out in the Testery during World War II, to seek better recognition for Tunny and the Bletchley Park heroes, especially for Bill Tutte, but the progress has been slow. Without the media’s help in spreading the word, Tunny will still remain unknown to the public. Tutte, Tunny and Testery’s (3T’s) achievements had very little public recognition while the story still remains to be properly told.Many people already know the Enigma story. Tunny is the new news!With best wishes,Jerry

  2. PJ Evans PJ Evans

    Jerry,How nice of you to have taken the time to post and may I repeat that it was a real honour to have met you at Bletchley Park.Indeed, the need for greater publicity of both the Testery and Newmanry is one we cannot ignore. I myself was overwhelmed by the story as I started to research it further.During my tours I try to place great emphasis on the achievements of John Tiltman and Bill Tutte as they unravelled the machine’s secrets without ever having seen it. I also ensure that people understand that Colossus was part of the puzzle and not, as is often assumed, like the Bombe, giving out the complete answer after some thinking time. All the tour guides now make it very clear that Enigma and Colossus are in no way connected.I met with many of the other tour guides last night and we were all scratching our heads as to the BBC report. We’ve put down the incorrect information to the fact the BBC new staff were on strike that day so researchers were probably few and far between. Still, it was a shame for both the Colossus and Bombe teams that their creations, and their purpose, were misrepresented.The good news, however, is that the result of the publicity was a surge of visitors over the weekend. Even on Saturday morning, in the pouring rain, I took out the maximum 50 people on the tour, when I expected to be talking to myself! 720 visited on Saturday and over 1000 on Sunday. We’re hoping this success will continue this weekend.It is people like yourself who are helping to bring this story to life and I hope you will join us for the Reunion in September when maybe we can discuss the 3Ts further.

  3. Jerry Roberts Jerry Roberts

    Hi Mr Evens,We hope you are well!Good news, the BBC has made a TV programme about the breaking of Tunny (Lorenz 40/42), at last! Tunny shows on TV BBC2 on 25th Oct 9pm, next Tuesday, it called Code-breakers. I am in parts of it, as I was one of the original senior codebreakers worked on Tunny. Moving programme.Tunny was the top secret cipher system, for nearly 60 years after the war, we couldn’t tell the Tunny story (compare with Enigma 30 years). This programme, for the first time, told the inside Tunny story of 4T’s (Tunny, Testery, Tutte and Tommy Flowers) amazing achievements. Moving programme.There were two major cipher-systems worked on at Bletchley Park during the Second World War – Enigma and Tunny. Tunny decrypts made major contributions to winning the War. Enigma decrypts helped Britain not to lose the War in 1941. Tunny decrypts helped shorten the European War by at least 2 years.You are welcome to send this message on to whoever you wish.Jerry

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