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EDSAC Coming To Bletchley Park

Great news today as EDSAC, one of the first programmable computers ever built, is to be rebuilt at the National Museum of Computing, based at Bletchley Park. It has been commissioned by the Computer Conservation Society and the project will be led by David Hartley, the CCS chairman. EDSAC introduced the concept of stored programs and subroutines making it far more a closer descendant of the modern computer than Colossus or ENIAC. This is fantastic news for the park as it seems to be rising to a worthy place as not only the centre of code-breaking history in the UK, but also of computing history.

Logistical problems include its size; 2m high with a footprint of 5m x 5m and the small matter of sourcing 3,000 valves. It’s going to be a heck of a project.

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PS. Happy New Year! I’m on duty on Sunday for the first time in 2010, come say hi.

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