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The Campaign To Save Alan Turing’s Papers

Christie’s have recently announced an auction of papers authored by father of modern computing and Bletchley Park codebreaker Alan Turing. In his academic career, Turing authored 18 papers in which a total of 15 are included in the lot. An amazing chance to preserve the works that gave the World it’s digital age. That’s no understatement at all.

Now I’m sure the question of whether Bletchley Park Trust *should* buy these treasures has hardly been considered; it would be pure time-wasting. The real question is how. The guide price is £300,000 – £500,000.

Ever-resourceful, the Bletchley Park supporters haven’t let a little thing like half-a-million pounds put them off. Gareth Halfacree has started an online fund-raising campaign to try and get the money together. Still, £500k is a *big ask* and it’s a long shot.

As a reserve plan should we not publicly appeal to the successful bidder to share these documents with the world and allow Bletchley Park to display them on loan? Surely the only reasonable thing to do is to put these papers on display in a museum so they can be appreciated and enjoyed by the very public that Turing’s work not only protected, but advanced as a society as well.

I hope that whatever happens, people get to see these documents; to enjoy and admire them. My secret hope is that, as a very public supporter of Turing and the Park, Stephen Fry secures them for the Trust. But hey, I’m shamelessly hint-dropping.

The auction takes place on November 23rd. Want to help secure Turing’s legacy for the public good? Pledge all you can to help Bletchley Park Trust bid for the Turing Papers.

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