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Google Throw Turing Campaign a Lifeline

Wow. Google just put up £100,000 to help the campaign spearheaded by @ghalfacree to buy Alan Turing’s 15 academic papers and donate them to Bletchley Park. It’s a massive boost and give the campaign a realistic chance. However, with a guideprice of £300-£500k, it’s still a long way to being a done-deal. Worse still, there’s only an hour left (at time of writing) until bidding closes. It’s an eleventh hour thing now but regardless of what happens, there are two inarguable facts: we’re in the game with a real chance now and this whole campaign has given Bletchley Park a fantastic publicity boost.

More on the donation from Dr Sue Black’s Posterous

Still in time? Help save the papers for the public.


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